Writing ... or Just Practicing?

Random Disconnected Diatribes of a p&p Documentation Engineer

  • Blog Post: Measuring Job Satisfaction

    Listening to the radio one day this week, I heard somebody describe golf as being "a series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle". It struck me that maybe what I do every day is very similar. If, as a writer, you measured success as a ratio between the number of words you write and the number...
  • Blog Post: "INAG"

    I thought I’d better start off this week with that well-known email disclaimer "INAG" (I’m Not A Golfer). Mind you, when I was a lot younger and fitter, I did occasionally caddy for a few affluent visitors to the R.A.F. Changi course in Singapore. Though when I say "caddy", what I actually...
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