August, 2009

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My name is Alex James, a Program Manager working on the Data Services team at Microsoft.

My current focus is OData and improving the usability of Data Services, both client and server side.

Previously I worked on the Entity Framework team where I helped create EF 4.0, and CodeOnly.

I'm also really passionate about Metadata, hence the name Meta-me.


I waffle and twitter as adjames

  • Meta-Me

    Another C# trick: Fluents, Inheritance and Extension Methods

    Here’s a scenario which Damien and I encountered recently. We needed a way of specifying Facets for properties on Entities, i.e. things like Nullable , MaxLength , Precision etc. And we needed a class hierarchy because different types of properties...
  • Meta-Me

    Tip 30 – How to use a custom database function

    Imagine you have a database function like the DistanceBetween function in Nerd Dinner : CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[DistanceBetween]( @Lat1 as real, @Long1 as real, @Lat2 as real, @Long2 as real) RETURNS real AS BEGIN … END And you want to use it...
  • Meta-Me

    Tip 33 – How cascade delete really works in EF

    Imagine that in your database you have a cascade delete on an FK relationship. Something like this: Here the Delete Rule says that when a Category is deleted all the related Products should be deleted too. If you generate an EF model from this database...
  • Meta-Me

    Tip 31 – How to compose L2O and L2E queries

    Imagine you want to write a query like this: var possibleBuyers= from p in ctx.People where p.Address.City == “Sammamish” && InMarketForAHouse(p) select p; Now theoretically this is possible so long as there is a SQL translation for InMarketForAHouse...
  • Meta-Me

    Tip 32 – How to create a database from SSDL – EF 4 only

    We recently released a CTP that extends EF 4 Beta 1 which included Code Only. You can read more about Code Only here , here and here . If you look at the walkthroughs for Code Only you will see code that looks something like this: // Create a builder...
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