June, 2011

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My name is Alex James, a Program Manager working on the Data Services team at Microsoft.

My current focus is OData and improving the usability of Data Services, both client and server side.

Previously I worked on the Entity Framework team where I helped create EF 4.0, and CodeOnly.

I'm also really passionate about Metadata, hence the name Meta-me.


I waffle and twitter as adjames

  • Meta-Me

    How do I do design?

    For a while now I've been thinking that the best way to get better at API & protocol design is to try to articulate how you do design. Articulating your thought process has a number of significant benefits: Once you know your approach you can critique...
  • Meta-Me


    In my last post I blithely said ' This is where judgment comes in... '. Unfortunately judgment isn't easy. Now when I was younger - say 10 years ago - I was sure about everything - not least my latest harebrained API design. I chalk that up to...
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