August, 2012

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My name is Alex James, a Program Manager working on the Data Services team at Microsoft.

My current focus is OData and improving the usability of Data Services, both client and server side.

Previously I worked on the Entity Framework team where I helped create EF 4.0, and CodeOnly.

I'm also really passionate about Metadata, hence the name Meta-me.


I waffle and twitter as adjames

  • Meta-Me

    Web API [Queryable] current support and tentative roadmap

    The recent preview release of OData support in Web API is very exciting (see the new nuget package and codeplex project ). For the most part it is compatible with the previous [Queryable] support because it supports the same OData query options. That...
  • Meta-Me

    OData support in ASP.NET Web API

    UPDATE 2 @1:21 pm on 16th August (PST): There is an updated version of the nuget package that resolves the previous dependency issues. Oh and my comments are now working again. UPDATE 1 @10:00 am on 16th August (PST): If you’ve tried using the...
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