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  • Blog Post: Tip 27 – How to Implement BeforeSave Validation

    It is common to want to validate that your entities are ‘valid’ before you save them to the database. A naive form of validation might be to try to ensure that your entities are ‘valid’ before you add them to the context, but this doesn’t help you if you pass through ‘invalid’ states, i.e. as you build...
  • Blog Post: Tip 16 – How to mimic .NET 4.0’s ObjectSet<T> today

    Background: In order to be an EF power user today you really need to be familiar with EntitySets . For example you need to understand EntitySets in order to use AttachTo(…) or create EntityKeys . In most cases there is only one possible EntitySet for each object / clr type. It is this idea that...
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