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January, 2006

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Free Software Resources for Teachers and Administrators


    I found these free downloadable tools thanks to a pointer from Blake Handler.  They look like they may be very useful.

    Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office

    Learning Essentials for Microsoft Office, a free program for schools, transforms familiar Office programs into customized tools for teaching and learning. Curriculum-based tutorials, templates, and project assistance from leading publishers help students and teachers to do their best work.

    Learning Essentials Content Development Kit (CDK)

    Increase the effectiveness and value of your academic content by creating resources that integrate with Microsoft Office, the #1 classroom productivity suite. The Learning Essentials Content Development Kit provides easy tools for creating educational resources that leverage the power of Office.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Privacy and Identity Interview


    Kim Cameron is an architect in the Windows Identity and Access management group at Microsoft. Kim is the author of the Laws of Identity which is a way of looking at how identity can and perhaps should be handled on the Internet. Ron Jacobs has a good audio blog interview with Kim at Channel 9. If you talk about privacy, security, personal safety and related concepts in your class (and you probably should) than this interview is something you may want to use in your class. I found it very interesting.

    Also the latest Women in Technology interview at Channel 9 is with Lori Lampkin, the Group Program Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation. She's been at Microsoft for 15 years and her's is an important managerial position of a very technical group.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    20 Technology Skills Every Educator Should Have


    Laura Turner writes about 20 technology skills every educator should have at T*H*E Journal.

    Here are 20 basic technology skills that all educators should now have:

    1. Word Processing Skills
    2. Spreadsheets Skills
    3. Database Skills
    4. Electronic Presentation Skills
    5. Web Navigation Skills
    6. Web Site Design Skills
    7. E-Mail Management Skills
    8. Digital Cameras
    9. Computer Network Knowledge Applicable to your School System
    10. File Management & Windows Explorer Skills
    11. Downloading Software From the Web (Knowledge including eBooks)
    12. Installing Computer Software onto a Computer System
    13. WebCT or Blackboard Teaching Skills
    14. Videoconferencing skills
    15. Computer-Related Storage Devices (Knowledge: disks, CDs, USB drives, zip disks, DVDs, etc.)
    16. Scanner Knowledge
    17. Knowledge of PDAs
    18. Deep Web Knowledge
    19. Educational Copyright Knowledge
    20. Computer Security Knowledge

    I could pick a nit or two but basically its a good list. I think it paralells what we are expecting students to know after high school. College faculty tell me that a lot of the items on the list are things they expect (though admittidly don't always find) in high school graduates attending college. When I was running a high school computer science department we required that every student either pass a placement test or take a course that covered the first four items on the list. If the student did not pass they did not graduate. I wonder if we do anyone any favors if we don't expect teachers, at every level, to have at least a high school level of computer literacy. Can you image a principal hiring a teacher who could not do math or read and write at a high school graduate level? I don't think so. Computer skills are getting to that same level of importance.

    The article includes a large number of links to help people educate themselves. Teachers should set the example of being life long learners and keep up with technology.

    I found this article via Brian Scarbeau. Brian is doing a survey of the teachers at his school about this list. If I know Brian he'll also be ready to help the teachers who ask for his help get up to speed.

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