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February, 2006

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Want to learn about ASP .NET 2.0?


    Brian Goldfarb from the ASP.NET team just  posted about a new series of "How Do I..." videos. Brian is a top notch speaker who seems to know jsut about everything there is to know about ASP .NET. There are about 2 hours of them I believe.

    There are  lot of resources at the ASP .NET Development Center and they are well worth checking out. One could probably build a large portion of a course out of just those free resources.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Asteroids in KPL and Game Development at Coding 4 Fun


    The Coding 4 Fun web site has a lot of interesting things for students and for people programming as a hobby. A number of these are projects that use the Kid's Programming Language (also known as KPL) to write game programs. A friend of mine pointed out that there was an old fashioned Asteroids game example there. Asteroids is one of those games that looks simple but can take up hours and hours to master.

    There is a whole game development section at Coding 4 Fun by the way. It has articles, sample code, webcasts and a whole lot of information about writing game programs in a number of languages. Besides KPL there is C# and Visual basic .NET just to name a few.

    So if you are interested in writing games for fun, using game programming to teach computer science concepts or just want to stretch your programming muscles Coding 4 Fun may be a site you want to add to your favorites list. And oh yes, the site supports RSS so you can subscribe to keep on top of new things when they show up.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Starter Programming Language Discussion


    Teachers continue to discuss the languages to use for a first programming course in the forums at MainFunction. The key discussion is going on at this thread. It is a really great discussion as teachers discuss their first course, what languages they use and a bit about how they run the courses.

    Today Dave Jacobus, a really great teacher who I have heard present training for teachers a number of times, added information about his three course (two year) sequence that starts with Visual Basic .NET. He talks about the importance of the "Wow factor" and how he uses skeleton projects to kick start things. Dave even provides a link to his skeleton projects so that other teachers can use them. I think that sharing sample code, project ideas and teaching methods is something that more teachers can benefit from. I appreciate Dave's willingness to share.

    And of course the same is true of the other teachers who have been sharing ideas at MainFunction. It really is a great community site for computer science teachers.

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