Want to learn about ASP .NET 2.0?

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Want to learn about ASP .NET 2.0?

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Brian Goldfarb from the ASP.NET team just  posted about a new series of "How Do I..." videos. Brian is a top notch speaker who seems to know jsut about everything there is to know about ASP .NET. There are about 2 hours of them I believe.

There are  lot of resources at the ASP .NET Development Center and they are well worth checking out. One could probably build a large portion of a course out of just those free resources.

  • Hi,
     I just downloaded two "How-to" videos. However I am not able to see any video. The audio is working. Do I need any special codec for this?

  • I don't know of a special codex. Are you using an up to date version of Windows Media Player?
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