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March, 2006

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Why CS Teachers should blog (and a suggestion for teaching sorting)


    I read about a very useful class exercise in Dave Jacobus' blog yesterday. In it he talks about some fun and educational live action simulations that he used in his class to teach sorting. Read his blog for the full story but the short version is that he sorted the students in his class using different sort algorithms. He could actually see the students "getting it." What a wonderful experience for a teacher to see something work and know that are students gaining understanding.

    I wish more teachers would blog about the things they try that work. We need to have more sharing of best practices. Every teacher needs to constantly learn new things so that they can reach different students. Only by sharing the good ideas can we really make this happen. Blogs are one really good way to do this.

    I've got blog links to a couple of really good and innovative teachers in the blog lists of this web site. Take a look. And if you have or know of a blog that should be listed please let me know. Thanks!

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    There are people who think programming is fun? - a Channel 9 Interview


    Channel 9 has a new interview that is part of their Women In Microsoft series. This interview is with Shoshanna Budzianowski who is a manager in Microsoft's developer division. Here is the introduction to the video.

    Let us introduce you to Shoshanna Budzianowski, 10 year Microsoft veteran, who is the director of program management for the developer division.  She and her team are responsible for helping the division plan how they produce products that meet the needs of our customers.  Not only that, but Shoshanna plays a mean game of chess.  Get to know this fascinating woman who finds programming fun – the more challenging the problems the better -- in another edition of our WM_IN in Technology series.




  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    KPL - A language for teaching programming to young people - The Video Demo


    I've been getting a lot of email from people asking me about tools for teaching very young children to program. By very young I mean children under 12. One of the potential tools for that purpose is KPL (aka Kid's Programing Language) which was actually designed and developed for that very purpose. They have a lot of sample code and a growing community of people who are getting involved in this project.

    The people at Channel 9 have a video presentation on KPL at their site. If you are interested in teaching programming to younger children, or perhaps learning to program on your own, you will want to check out this video.

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