Make Movies with Windows Movie Maker

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Make Movies with Windows Movie Maker

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With the advent of digital video equipment, digital auto equipment and computers software, often free software, a lot more people are interested in doing interesting things with video. It has probably never been more easy for regular people to create great looking video. Sites like You Tube have made it easier for people to share their work of course. But often people need a little help getting started.

Thanks to a link from Alex Barnett I found this how to video on YouTube that explains how to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker.  Blake Handler links to still more Windows Movie Maker resources here. I can see a lot of fun and educational things students (and perhaps teachers as well) can do with this free tool. It's about 13 minutes long, uses the Spanish version of the software, but the language of instruction is in English. Check it out.

  • It's amazing what you can accomplish with Movie Maker 2 on Windows XP. I use other commercial apps, but I find that MM is very fast for "sketching" out simple videos and  titling. You'll also find a good set of tutorials at, and good high-level lessons available at Hope this helps!
  • Alfred Thompson blogged today about this "how to" video on YouTube that goes through how to...
  • Alfred Thompson blogged today about this "how to" video on YouTube (nod of thanks to Alex's blog ) that

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