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XNA Links

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I've been trying to collect some interesting and useful XNA links. Here is what I have so far.

XNA Team Blog - Yep, that is where the XNA Team blogs.

Dave Weller's blog - Dave is with the XNA group and is an acknowledged expert in graphics and game programming. Dave has a list of XNA resources on his blog as well.

Michael Klucher's XNA Blog - Talking about game development. Check out this post with an interview with a student who is  writing his own XNA games.

XNA 101 .NET - This blog isn't updated as often as some but the entries there are useful tutorials.

XNA Book - a free book on XNA - I haven't read it myself but the reviews look like it may be useful.

XNADevelopment.com - Tutorials and links to other resources.

LearnXNA.com - a blog and community site with information and video tutorials on XNA.

XNAtutorial.com - Tutorial videos for beginners

Any of you have some other suggestions of things to add to this list?

  • http://www.xnaresources.com/blog.asp



  • Dont forget Ziggyware :)

  • www.ziggyware.com

  • Riemers.net - Excellent series for developing 3D with XNA. Kind of the next step after reading Xna101.net, which starts you out on the 3D path.

    ZiggyWare.com - Equally good tutorials/codesnippets, and great source of Xna news as well.

    XnaLinks.net - Links to a million more sites, sorted into categories and by popularity.

    XnaPortal.com - Also a great link collection, and a good starting page as well, as it collects many newsfeeds about XNA. Customizable too.


    Joran Omark

  • Oh, and since you like Visual Basic, you've got to visit:

    AlanPhipps.com - Tutorial on how to get XNA to work with Visual Basic. Then he proceeds with a tutorial series to make Space Ballz, an entire game with XNA and VB.NET. He has started on 3D/XNA/VB as well.


    Joran Omark

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