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August, 2007

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Latest Imagine Cup News on Channel 8


    I see over on Channel 8 that they have added a more team interviews with various teams who have made it to Korea for the finals. They also have some video from the first day of the finals event itself. Jump over to Channel 8 and take a look.

    A lot of the teams and individuals who are in Korea for the Imagine Cup finals are also blogging on their own blogs. You will find the complete list of those blogs there. Get your news directly from the people involved!

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    New Developer Kit from Coding 4 Fun


    Over at the Coding 4 Fun blog they have announced a new Developer Kit. The Coding4Fun Developer Kit 2008 Vol 1 (BETA) is a collection of tools which have been developed to make it easier to do software development using common Windows Vista APIs.

    The kit  includes three different ways to use Bluetooth, easy ways to do emailing, power management examples, Windows Desktop Search, a P2P picture sharing example, a RSS Reader Screen saver and a bunch of other things!

    I'll thinking I might use some of the Windows Vista Picture Acquisition stuff in a program I want to write to make it easier for me to rename, tag and sort pictures from digital cameras. The SoundRecorder samples may make for some interesting projects as well.

    Hey this may be another reason to upgrade to Vista. I have one of my systems that hasn't been upgraded yet (yeah I am running late of some things) and I may have to take care of that now.


  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Meet the Imagine Cup Teams on Channel 8


    Channel 8, the new student technology site from Microsoft has started showing videos from the presentation teams made to Bill Gates and Craig Mundi in Redmond last month. The first one up is a team from Egypt who has created some software to help create individualized learning programs including tests for students with learning disabilities and other special needs. It will automatically re-word tests for dyslectic students, read tests to students with vision problems and help in other ways.

    Driven initially by a desire to help a friends younger sibling it sounds like they put a lot of research into what they are doing. You'll also want to watch and listen as the team asks Bill Gates a question about industries role and responsibility to create software that helps students with special needs.

    I really believe that software has a real role in improving education for everyone  which was the goal of projects in this year's Imagine Cup. While the Imagine Cup is for college/university students it is good for younger students to see what is being done in higher education so they can see that it can be relevant.


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