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November, 2007

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Channel 8 at European TechEd


    The Dutch Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) have been at the European Teched event interviewing attendees and presenters. These interviews are appearing on Channel 8 and they are pretty good.

    Yesterday an interview with Rob Miles who is a lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Hull showed up. Rob has a blog which is one of the first ones I read when ever it is updated. He's also working on an XNA textbook which looks very good. I should warn you though that Rob is well known for bad jokes and he tells a couple during the interview. You may laugh and you may groan. Take a chance. :-)

    A couple of days ago an interview with Caroline Philips who is the Microsoft Academic Lead for Western Europe. Caroline talks about her own time as a student and what it is like to be a woman in what is sometimes thought of as a man's world. Caroline is a great person who does an amazing job with Microsoft's European academic and student programs.

    So visit Channel 8 and check out the most recent additions.


    Btw - Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. You all should get off the Internet and spend some time with family. That's what I'm doing. I wrote this (and tomorrow's post) yesterday. But I am thankful for all of you who read this blog regularly and especially those of you who comment and link and otherwise become part of the conversation.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Mass Technology Leadership Council Above and Beyond Awards


    The Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council annually awards teachers in the state who go Above & Beyond "in the teaching of science, technology, engineering and math."

    "To help raise awareness, the Council has established the Above & Beyond Awards.  Annually, the Awards acknowledge and reward unsung heroes who are encouraging innovative teaching and learning in Massachusetts schools.  They specifically recognize best practices in the teaching of science, technology, engineering and math (grade K-12).  Up to 10 Awards will be presented in the fall of 2007.  Teachers can apply individually, or as a team. "

    This year's awards went to:

    Mike Gyra - Barnstable High School
    Gary Garber, Nick Dent -  Boston University Academy
    Bob White, Joe Bengiovanni, John Mauch, Alan Tibbetts - Braintree High School
    Cynthia Villanueva, Heather Pacheco - Framingham High School
    Donna Cycz - Newton School
    Doug Scott - Natick High School

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    (Note: Microsoft and the Microsoft Academic Relations Team in Massachusetts was pleased to supply prizes for this year's awards.)

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    XNA Express 2.0 Beta Announced


    There is a new version of XNA Studio Express available. XNA Game Studio 2.0 (Beta) also comes with a bunch of new resources. There are several new sample projects for this beta.

    There are a number of new features in this edition. One of the most exciting is networking support. With version 2.0 games can communicate between two Xbox 360s, between two PCs and between a PC and an Xbox 360. You can learn more  about the requirements for using the networking support at the official announcement at the XNA Team Blog.

    The turn around time between this beta and the final release should be short BTW. You may want to use this version to try things out and see how it works but hold off full scale installations in labs until later. Or not. It depends on how adventurous you are.

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