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November, 2007

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Office Offline


    I just came across a new web comic site/blog called Office Offline. Very simple and very funny. It's geek humor of course. And mostly around Microsoft Office products which is not so surprising since the cartoonist works in Microsoft's Office Online group as a writer.

    I can picture some of the ones he's already created (scan down to some of the ones dealing with printers and print queues for example) on office and classroom walls real soon.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    XNA Student Projects/Games


    It looks like a lot of my co-workers have been running into students who are having fun creating games with XNA. Hilary Pike writes about a student from her alma mater (The Ohio State University) who is interested in a lot more than football. In fact he has created an interesting looking game with XNA. His Shape Slasher game doesn't look as violent as the "Slasher" in the name would suggest. Hilary has a link to more information.

    Walter Stiers who works in Europe, Belgium I believe, has a screen capture of an interesting game called "Little Gamers" that won an award in the "Dream-Build-Play" competition. Walter has links as well.

    Speaking of XNA - it looks like Rob Miles now has four sample chapters from his XNA book posted.  More and more resources are becoming available all the time.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Computer Science Snipits from CSTA


    Last week Pat Philips of the CSTA blogged about a new collection of podcasts, audio interviews, that in Pat's words "allows teachers to listen-in on interesting conversations with leaders and practitioners in the computer science (CS) field." Specifically she talked about interviews with:

    Edward Gonzales and Josef Sifuentes of Rice University energetically contend that if you think math isn't cool it is because you're not cool!

    Richard Tapia of Rice University, recounts how his dreams of diversity in computing gave rise to the Tapia Conference.

    There are a lot more interviews then just those two though. There are also interviews with Mark Guzdial (Georgia Tech), Maria Klawe (president of Harvey Mudd),  and a 23 minute collection of brief interviews from last spring's CS & IT Symposium. They are short and interesting - always a good thing for kids with short attention spans.

    The full collection of podcasts is here. And if you look down far enough you will find an interview with me talking about lab management as classroom management. It was strange to hear my recorded voice - something I generally try to avoid. But I do think that Pat [Philips who interviewed me] did a pretty good job.

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