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March, 2008

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Keeping Track of Education Bloggers


    I found an interesting new site today. I found it on Twitter actually. I am finding that a lot of the people I follow make mention of interesting websites, blogs or news stories. That may be the most useful thing about Twitter for me so far.

    Anyway, the new site is and they have set up a number of pages that aggregate tops blogs in different topics. And they do have a bunch of topics from autos to Windows (the Microsoft kind). They are still adding topics and education was just added tonight. That is the one I expect to follow most. It's not in the main page yet but I was able to learn about it on Twitter. That's pretty cool in and of itself.

    With about 50 of the top education blogs listed on the page I think it likely that one can get a good overview of what it going on in the education blogosphere there. I noticed that a bunch of blogs I currently follow are already there. There are also a bunch of blogs I haven't read before. Because one can get a brief excerpt of a post without having to click on a like it is pretty easy, in a short period of time, to see what posts you may want to read without losing a lot of time with false jumps. I expect I may find some interesting new (or new to me) blogs to follow.

    They don't include this blog yet as far as I can tell. :-) Either I'm too specialized here or just not famous enough. Oh well as long as computer science teachers and others interested in what I write about (Google sends a lot of people my way as it is) I'll be happy.

    Guy Kawasaki whose company started is among the most interesting people I follow on Twitter. His blog is on the Egos section of Alltop which is an interesting section to say the least.

    BTW I am on Twitter at if you are interested in following me or just sending me Twits from time to time.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    More on the GDCSE Conference


    So I'm still way behind on blogging to say nothing of my email. I spent the last day as a vacation day with my father who I don't see often enough. I've also been fixing his computer, showing how to use his new GPS device, and setting up his DVD player. It's been time well spent and of course the best part has been spending some time with him. I did run into two people who have had time to blog about the Game Development in Computer Science Education conference though and thought that the least I could do was send people their way.

    Mark Guzdial of Georgia Tech was there and took part in a number of presentations. His write up is here. He gives a good picture of how intense a conference like this really is. It is pretty unique to run an academic computer conference on a cruise ship but it is also a very effective venue.

    Kathleen Weaver is a high school teacher from Dallas TX who was also there. Kathleen talks about "drinking the Kool-aid" and liking it. And playing Xbox games in the evening. Work hard, play hard!

    Addition: Barb Ericson (from Georgia Tech and a board member of the CSTA) has a nice summary here.

    I will have more to say soon. Really I will.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    LiveWeb - insert and view web pages real-time


    Philip DesAutels sent me a link to a PowerPoint add-in called LiveWeb. I haven't had a chance to try it out but it looks like the thing that could be very useful to teachers and others who create presentations that involve looking at web pages. A bit of the description:

    Use LiveWeb to insert web pages into a PowerPoint slide and refresh the pages real-time during slide show. Display web pages without ever leaving the confines of your PowerPoint slide show. No coding required.  LiveWeb works with documents off your local drive too.

    Shyam Pillai, who wrote LiveWeb, has a bunch of other add-ins that look interesting. Some are free and some are commercial (which I assume means they cost money).

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