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November, 2008

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    I keep learning cool things from Twitter. No really. The people I follow are often doing interesting and educational things and sharing via Twitter. Last week someone posted a Tweet about I made a note to visit the site and did so this week. It is pretty cool and very helpful. There are a series of video casts, some lesson plans and additional information including a good page on Why Teach Scratch that you may find useful for explaining to your administration why this fun activity is actually an important teaching tool for 21st Century skills. The official Scratch website where you can download Scratch for free and join the Scratch community is at

    BTW you can follow me on Twitter at If you are on Twitter let me know so I can follow you as well. You can find more of what I have written about Scratch using this key word link.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Certification 101: Getting Started with Microsoft Certification


    Have you ever wondered about getting a Microsoft certification? Maybe as a teacher/instructor you are interested in it as a way of adding more validation to your experience as you teach professionals who are re-training or perhaps you are in a vo-tech school and what to help students peruse their own credentials for after graduation. Or maybe you are a current professional looking to expand your resume in this tight economy. But in any case you are not sure what is involved , what are certifications good for, or how to advise others on the process.

    Well the Microsoft Learning team is running some Live Meeting sessions to explain what’s involved in the process. They sent me the following announcement and gave me permission to share it via my blog.

    We are hosting another Certification 101 Live Meeting. This one will take place on Tuesday, November 18th and will hopefully be the start of a regular schedule of these Live Meetings.

    Audience: IT Professionals, developers who think they might like to get certified, but aren't sure it's right for them and/or aren't sure where to start. People who have never taken a Microsoft exam and work with Microsoft products, or people who will be working with Microsoft in the very near future.

    Registration: Join folks from the Microsoft Certified Professional team to learn about the benefits and process of getting certified: choosing a certification path, preparing for your first exam, taking an exam, and what to expect after that. Click to register for:

    Here's what we'll talk about…

    • what a technical certification can do for you--what is the goal?
    • how to choose a certification track that will help you meet your goals – career or otherwise
    • how do you know when you're ready (expected experience level, time/money involved, etc)
    • preparation options (what you need to know, how to learn it)
    • the testing experience (registering, during the test, what happens when you're done)

    Our hope is to make this less intimidating for new people.

    Please send the links around if you have co-workers or user groups who might find this helpful.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    2008 Edublogger Award Nominations


    The nomination process for the 2008 Edublogger awards is now open. I’ve got a few nominations to make myself.

    Vicki Davis should be a candidate in both Best teacher blog and Best individual blog. Vicki is a classroom teacher and shares a lot of great first hand experiences.

    Kathy Schrock for Best educational use of a virtual world Kathy is a real pioneer in everything online in education and she’s really done great stuff with Second Life.

    I wish they had Best Principal blog – Chris Lehmann

    I’d love to see something like Best Blog By an Educator of Educators; though picking between Jon Becker and Scott McLeod would be very tough for me.

    I can’t nominate myself. Not that I would being the shy modest sort of person I am. :-) But if someone else wanted to nominate me for say Best educational tech support blog or Best resource sharing blog that would be really really cool. :-)

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