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February, 2009

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Are you certifiable? Are your students?


    Microsoft just released a web site at that just may be the way to find out if you are ready for a professional certification. There are two sets of questions/quizzes to try out – IT Professional and Developer. The questions are a mix of serious technical questions that could have been ripped right from the regular certification exams and the occasional pop culture (well geek culture) trivia question. The format is game show with graphics and of course the ever popular Clippy (ok maybe let’s call him the forced into retirement over the hill Clippy – but at least he is famous enough for his own Wikipedia page) as host for much of the sessions.

    So sign up, choose a character, select your field of expertise, and pit yourself against the entire online tech community in a quest for Tech IQ supremacy, a top spot on the leaderboard—and ultimate bragging rights.

    The next step may just be the site where you can find information about training, professional development, career information and more information on certifications.

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Certification 101: Getting Started with Microsoft Certification – It’s Back!


    The last time one of these sessions was held I found out about it late but there was still a lot of interest. This time I found out early so I am letting you know early. If you have wanted to learn about the Microsoft Certified Professional program this online meeting is for you.

    Live Meeting: Certification 101
    Investing in training and certification can help make you more valuable in today’s economic climate. Join the Microsoft Certified Professional team for a Live Meeting to learn about the value, benefits, and process of getting certified: choosing a certification path, preparing for your first exam, taking an exam, and what to expect after that. Register for one of the following Live Meetings:

    March 10:  Certification 101: Getting Started with Microsoft Certification

    And later in March are coaching sessions for two of the exams.

    March 17:  Microsoft Certification Coaching Session: Preparing for your Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client Exam (70-620)

    March 24:  Microsoft Certification Coaching Session:  Preparing for your Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance Exam (70-432)

  • Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

    Microsoft Administrators in Higher Education Technical Conference


    Something for the higher education people who follow my blog. Michael Greene from Microsoft’s higher education group has posted an announcement of this year’s annual conference for IT administrators from institutions of higher education. There is a lot of information on Michael’s blog and I don’t want to copy it all here. But a snippet to get you interested follows:

    Each year [Microsoft] hosts around 100 IT Pros from universities all around the country (and the world) in Redmond for a three day conference.  This is organized by a committee from the Windows HIED listsrv hosted by Stanford University and has a focus on NOT being a sales event, rather a chance for administrators in higher education to interface directly with product teams in Redmond and listen in on technical presentations regarding infrastructure focused solutions.

    Even if you are not a subscriber of the listsrv but you are a technical resource from a college or university, you are welcome to join us!  If you are curious about the technical focus, see the agenda posted to the HIED wiki.  You must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement form as some of the content is “next version” planning information.

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