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Come Find Me at NECC

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Early tomorrow I get to the airport to fly to Washington DC for NECC. Saturday is the CS&IT Symposium run by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) with sponsorship from Microsoft Research, Intel and some company that sells ads on Internet search results. Googol or something like that. :-) I’ll be talking about certifications with Anita Verno from Bergen County Community College. I’m hoping to see a lot of great high school computer science teachers there. Plus sit in on a couple of other sessions. It’s a day well spent.

Once NECC starts for real I’ll be all over I expect. I have committed to doing booth duty at the Microsoft booth and will probably be there around lunch time most days. I’ll post my schedule once I have it for sure. I’ll be on Twitter (@AlfredTwo) but your best bet to get a hold of me is to send me email (alfredth (at) or send me a direct message on Twitter. Direct messages on Twitter get sent to my phone as text messages and I plan to check for them regularly. Or drop by the Microsoft booth and ask someone when I’ll be there or leave me a message there.

I also plan to spend some time at the Blogger Café (map see page 2).

I will be toting my laptop around (with an Xbox 360 controller) so if you’d like a demo of Kodu, XNA Game Studio, Visual Studio or just plain old the brand new and exciting release candidate of Windows 7 I’ll be happy to oblige. Or if you want to talk about Microsoft’s education programs for computer science teachers or students (MSDN Academic Alliance) or Dreamspark I can do that. Or if you just want to give someone from Microsoft a piece of your mind my ears and mind are open.

  • heya,

    Are they going to release Kodu for use on computers, so we can do what you do, or are they just releasing for the xbox 360?

  • We are working on a release plan for PCs for Kodu. If you're an academic and want in on the beta send me email and I'll send you information on taking part. alfredth (at)

  • Thank you, you should be receiving an email from me shortly

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