Programming for Absolute Beginners from Channel 9

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Programming for Absolute Beginners from Channel 9

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Channel 9 has just launched an absolute beginner series to help people learn to program. There are two versions of the Development for Absolute beginners materials – one for Visual Basic and one for C# Well worth checking out.

There are some additional resources that have been out for a bit longer that you may not know about.

  • C# for beginners?

    Wouldn't it be better to have them use a REPL environment like F# or python?

  • A lot of things determing what works for beginners - the language, the environment, the age of the learner, the learner's goals, additional resources, etc. That is one reason that I blog about a lot of different combinations of such. If one of those other platforms works for you that's great. I've had some great success over the years with a number of different environments when teaching programming.

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