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Kodu: Mars Edition

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Kodu MarsDid you follow the landing of the latest Mars rover – Curiosity? Well if you did or even if you just know a bunch of space crazy students the latest version of Kodu is for you. Last week Microsoft announced  (and launched) Kodu:Mars Edition. Download it at http://www.kodugamelab.com . Some of the new features:

    • New ROVER with authentic Rover commands
    • New rock types, indicative of what you might find on Mars
    • 3 new levels to play : Explore Mars & Mt. Sharp, Program a Rover, and our new Arcade level.
    • Several new program features, including "End of Path" and comparison operators.
    • 5 template levels based on where Rover landed on Mars.

I think the new robot is cute. I had an early preview of Kodu: Mars Edition and I think it has the potential for combine kids fascination with robots and space in a way that encourages them to explore computer science and programming. After all it was great software that make that amazing landing possible.

  • The Kodu:Mars Edition download seems to be hidden.  Clues?  Or is it the regular Kodu download with a world?  Inquiring minds (and those of use with no mind) want to know.

  • Make that "us", not "use".  Like I said, no mind.

  • It's the regular download at that link but you'll see other worlds and objects when you run it.

  • Got it.  Thanks.

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