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Solutions Architecture Foundations Hub

Solutions Architecture Foundations Hub

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 Alik Levin    Now I know how the Solution Architect looks like and what he does (and what he does not do) - What Do Solution Architect And Enterprise Architect Do?

Next thing for me to have some clear picture about how the solution architecture looks or better off - what the solution architecture foundations are.

Software Architecture Foundations 

by Esparta 

The Solution Foundations - Topics and Resources

Partially based on Foundations of Solutions Architecture:

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  • Great material

    I will add to the list some soft skills as well, also project management and some MOF (or other framework) are must!!

  • Thank you, Assaf!

    Happy you liked it.

    "Soft Skills" series are on its way... massively ;)

    Thank you for you insight.

    Stay tuned ;)

  • This is an impressive compilation, Alik.  Thanks for the great info.  I'm eager for the post on soft skills.  Assaf & Alik, you're both right--soft skills are huge!

  • Thank you, Jimmy!

    Happy to hear it is helpful.

    Soft skills are next to come ;)

  •     I was watching MCA Review Board Interview video as part of my preparation to the MCA

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