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  • Blog Post: Calculate Security Breach Cost Yourself

    That is both amazing and amusing (I will leave "why" to myself....) but now CxO does not have to think twice whether security services are too expensive. Check out this Security Breach Cost Calculator. via
  • Blog Post: Code Inspection - First Look For What To Look For

    Reposted from Security Code Inspection - First Look For What To Look For for further reuse on this blog. I found it extremely productive to first look for strings in the code. But what strings to look for? And how to look for the strings? Looking into the source files? My good friend FindStr is of great...
  • Blog Post: I Invite You To Rob Me

    Is not it usual OOF message we put? "OOF until <<here comes date>> visiting customers in <<12 hours flight from home>>" In other words, until the date you are invited to break into my office, house, and car. Here are some guidelines from here
  • Blog Post: Google Hacking

    It is not hacking Google but using Google to hack others Got practical guide? - Sure: Got some tooling? - Sure: SiteDigger™ Can I do it with Live Search? - Sure: This is How They will Hack Your Web Site What do I do to get protected????! Proactive Security Engineering Got some Guidance Tooling? Of Course...
  • Blog Post: Google Code Search - Different Perspective

    Google launches a special treat just for developers ... I'd like to present it from some different perspective. Imagine you provide search criteria as follows: " Initial Catalog " - try it. What do you see? More like these here Doesn't it make you want to write more secure code ... :) ? Enjoy
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