eek! If you are looking to don that coveted architect tag, then this event may be for you. Join us on Tuesday June 2, 2009 in Cambridge MA for The Architect Factory - Take Your Technical Skills to the Next Level.

Details on registration, directions and agenda are available here - it is a free event and will fill up quickly.


The Architect Factory event focuses on you, senior technologists interested in becoming software, solutions, enterprise, or design architects. This event helps bridge the knowledge gap between senior technical, design, enterprise, information, and solutions roles and real-world architecture roles, putting you on the path to becoming an architect in your field.

Are you looking to take that next step and expand/extend your skills to next level? What differentiates you from other technology job seekers today? With competition here at home and technical jobs going overseas, how can you make your skills stand out?

This is an opportunity to establish yourself as a visionary that architects the future, being able to design and create integrated systems that solve complex business problems. It can be challenging to find the right information and advice for taking steps toward becoming an architect, so join us for The Architect Factory and you’ll be well on your way!