On a time budget and looking for a great video that gives you a vantage point of what is Windows Azure and what’s next for it? I’d like to suggest this 1 hour session from the Microsoft PDC: Windows Azure Present and Future (SVC13) by Manuvir Das.

As part of this session, Manuvir described Windows Azure “bit by bit” and the available, shipping feature set (e.g. secure certificate store, logging and diagnostics system, service management API, in-place rolling upgrades)…

Windows Azure Logical View

Windows Azure - flexible application hosting, lights out service management and storage at massive scale.

…while highlighting a great brand like Coca-Cola Enterprises doing real world Azure today…

Real World Azure 

"The resilience and reliability of this platform is some of the benefits that we are seeing." – SVP & CIO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

…and showed what’s next for Windows Azure – a great set of features (e.g. Administrator privileges, user-driven VMs and terminal server access) – that many enterprise development and IT shops have asked for.

Azure Futures

Windows Azure Futures – you ask, they listen.

What is great about this session is that Manuvir doesn’t overwhelm with nitty gritty details but defers those to other sessions, which (imho), are required viewing for platform architects and technical decision makers of every persuasion:

P.S. The slides/videos for all these sessions can be found here. Got another hour? Check out this session also from Manuvir Das entitled: Lap Around Windows Azure Platform which talks about SQL Azure, AppFabric (nee .NET Services) and the new project codenamed “Dallas” (aka information as a service).

Up next, the Business of Windows Azure!