Vote then! Yes, the the Windows Azure Feature Voting is still live and you have votes to shape the future of Windows Azure, so make your voice count. Whether suggesting a new feature or voting up a great idea.

From the team on the why this feature voting:

We want to better understand what you need from Windows Azure and to build plans around how we make the things that "bubble to the top" a reality for our customers in the future.

You can also vote on various other Azure related projects, including SQL Azure (yup, who doesn’t want Make SQL-Azure 100% T-SQL compatible). So should you bother? Based on established precedent from Silverlight 4 planning, I’d say yes. Based on his keynote at the Microsoft PDC 2009 (around 1:45 hours into the session), Scott Guthrie mentioned that “feature voting” was used to inform the Silverlight 4 development team to prioritize the delivery of the right set of features.

SL4 Feature Voting

The results? More than 12,000 votes received with 70% of the suggestions incorporated as features of SL4, including 9 of the top 10 requested features. Nice…now go and vote!