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  • Blog Post: Managing Technical Reviews in TFS and SharePoint

    I've alluded to my plans to describe how we use TFS to plan, track progress, and do things like technical reviews. Brian Harry mentioned our tech review process in his blog post , so I'll write about that first. In the past, we've used an internal tool to manage technical reviews. The tool has some...
  • Blog Post: How we track content work.

    For a while, we were tracking our work by creating a backlog of scnearios, prioritizing them, then planning the top scenarios for our next iteratoin of work. We broke the scenarios down into tasks and tracked progress on those tasks over the course of an iteration. I mentioned that in my last post ....
  • Blog Post: Managing Content Development

    Back in 2007, I wrote three articles on how the Team Foundation user education team was using work item tracking and reporting features to help manage our content work.
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