March, 2007

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Welcome to my blog.  My name is Allen Denver.  I've been with Microsoft since October 1994.  I joined at a time when Microsoft had around 12,000 employees (in 2010 we had close to 100,000).  I started in Product Support Services in Developer Support.  I supported the Base/Kernel apis in Win32 and Win16.  I joined the product group for VS 98 working on the Visual Studio Analyzer feature that shipped with the Enterprise Edition.  After that feature was discontinued I joined the VS Core team working on the VS platform and the VSIP SDK.  After shipping that for a while I decided to make a big move.

In May of 2007 I was fortunate to be offered a position in a new development office in Honolulu, Hawai'i.  The feature I worked on in Hawaii known as the Architecture Explorer and Directed Graph Documents. I moved my family to Honolulu.  This includes my lovely wife , 4 of my 5 children (my oldest daughter is married and lives with her husband in Puget Sound).  Snorkeling, eukelele, the beach were all favorite activities in those days.

Now, I'm back in Puget Sound, having finished up Visual Studio 2010 and have moved to the Profiler team.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  I'll continue to strive to bring fresh information about the areas I'm responsible for.

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    RDT changes in VS Orcas

    The Running Document Table is used in VS to control the state of opened documents. This is only accessible via interfaces exposed in the VSSDK and the VS Automation Model. End-users only see the effects of the RDT in places like the dialog that pops up...
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    MPPG/MPLEX runtime DLL not needed

    I was recently alerted to an email sent to Soma (Vice President leading the Microsoft Developer Division) about a problem with the VS SDK's MPPG/MPLEX tools. Here's the question: After installing VS SDK (feb 2007) and trying to play with the...
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    VS SDK 4.0 is available for download

    On behalf of the VS Tools Ecosystem team, I am pleased to announce that after months of hard work, VS SDK 4.0 has been released! This is the last SDK release planned for Visual Studio 2005. The team has done a ton of work to make this release friendly...
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