HTML5 and CSS3 in Expression Web 4

HTML5 and CSS3 in Expression Web 4

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Kitten up a tree?  Granny struggling to cross the road? The red velvet cupcakes are finished? No problem; HTML5 will solve all!
It’s been the biggest thing in web since the browser wars in the late 90’s, but finally HTML5 and CSS3 are coming down the straight. We’re possibly still a good 5-8yrs away from the W3C finalising the standards, but in the meantime, you can develop sites using the approved HTML5 draft specification in Expression Web 4 with SP1 (Service Pack 1)

New features:

  • IntelliSense for the complete HTML5 draft specification – bring on <canvas>
  • Full support in the CSS Properties palette and selected CSS properties in the Style dialogs (let’s banish square cornered tables forever)
  • New features in SuperPreview (that magical tool that allows you to preview websites in multiple browsers without the hassle of them all on your machine)
  • Play-nice mode with IE9 (released last week) so you can see a SnapShot of your site
  • Updated PHP support with functions from PHP5 and IntelliSense

If you’re part of the WebsiteSpark program, you should have your copy of Expression Web 4. Download SP1 here (29MB)
Find out the technical bits as to what exactly it supports here
Download IE9 RTW here

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  • Can you explain where is CSS3. i found nothing in EW releate to CSS3.

  • The CSS3 elements are available once you've installed SP1. More clarity from the support article:

    Expression Web provides support for the draft CSS 3 specification. To enable CSS 3 error checking, you must choose CSS 3 draft from the Schemaversion drop-down under the Authoring tab in the Page Editor Options dialog.

    The IntelliSense and error-checking in the code editor is fairly complete, and supports checking multiple comma-separated property values (e.g. multiple backgrounds). This support extends to the CSSProperties pane, as well.

    SP1 also provides support for selected CSS 3 properties in the New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes, including "border-radius" and "box-shadow."

    Note: There is no support in the Design view for previewing CSS 3 properties.

    This means you'll only see when you preview your page in a CSS 3 supporting browser i.e. IE9, FF4 etc.

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