Privacy Policy for Travel IQ Quiz

This Privacy Policy explains the policy regarding collection and use of your information. This policy may change so please check it regularly. By accessing this application you consent to this Privacy Policy.

What Information Do We Collect?

We collect anonymous information about how you use our website and applications. This application will not collect your name, it will not collect your email address, it will not collect your phone number, etc.


How is This Information Used?

This information will not be used in any way.


What do we do With Your Information?

Your information will not be exchanged, given to, transferred or sold to anyone or any other company.


Do we Use Cookies?

No, we do not use cookies.


Do we Disclose your Answers or Information to Other Parties?

No, we do not.


Would you like to contact us or do you have questions?

Please utilize the "contact" tools of this website.


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