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January, 2003

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    ASP.NET Page Templates.....

    ASP.NET Page Template techniques has become a hot button issue among ASP.NET developers. I've done a bit of research on the topic so I thought I would list the articles I read during my research to save you folks a bit of time: http://www.codeproject...
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    .NET Feature on

    • 0 Comments is featuring .NET technologies this week. Here is a sample of what they are currently running: .NET Web Services Made Easy Top 5 .NET Newbie Q&A Interview - Karl Moore, VB.NET Writer and Guru On the Road with .NET Mobile Controls...
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    Thinking about moving from version 1.0 of the .NET Framework to version 1.1?

    If you are then I highly suggest you read this article on MSDN. There are some great tips for how you can run the two version of the Framework side-by-side on the same machine - very nice feature of .NET!
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    Status Meetings Are Necessary

    Well, I'm off to my weekly status meeting . But, before I go, I wanted to pop in and recommend to everyone that they have a status meeting. Yeah, that's right, most organizations that I work with rarely have status meetings where the developers (or...
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    aspNetMime Rocks!

    I've been using Advanced Intelllect's aspNetMime product and this thing is very cool. We use the component in our moderation tool at the ASPAlliance Lists . I can't imagine writing all the code to decode Quoted Printable, 7bit, 8bit, etc. encoding so...
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    Open for businesss!

    Welcome to my blog and my first blog entry! Scott was kind enough to offer me some space and this very cool little application so I figured I would hop on the blog bandwagon. This blog will focus on many of the same things that my column...
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