Ok, so it's been  A LONG time since I last posted and hopefully that will change now (I say that everytime I think I will have some free time and/or something interesting to post).

Well, I'm happy to say that the .NET User Group is firing back up after a 6-9 month hiatus. Basically, the folks in charge lost steam and there were a myriad of other problems. Well, a few interested parties (myself included) are doing our best to get things going again. We've registered the domain http://grdotnet.org and will be working to put content up over the next week or two.

We have an organizational meeting this Wednesday (28th) night at 7pm. The meeting will be at the local Analysts International office in Ada (just outside Grand Rapids). The address is.....

4670 East Fulton, Suite 103
Ada, MI 49301

Martin Shoemaker and I will be there ready to hash out the goals, direction, etc. of this group so come on over if you want to throw in your two cents. We are also looking for corporate sponsors so if you are local and think that your company might be interested then shoot me an email.