Stefan Demetz wants Microsoft to create an Apache Foundation like organization for .NET developers. Here are a few observations (and my personal opinion) regarding the .NET community:

  • Personal opinion: Microsoft should be a supporter and active participant in the .NET community. Microsoft should NOT be the community. That said, you obvioiusly can't please everyone - people complain that Microsoft is too involved but they also complain when they feel Microsoft isn't engaged enough. We have to work to find the happy medium (I think that will involve a constant feedback/reaction mechanism).
  • Personal observation: The number of developers in the .NET community that want to code for free is much smaller proportionally when compared to those in the OSS world. An Apache Foundation like org for .NET would be neat but you have to have the developers. I know there are successful and useful OSS .NET projects like the nfoo series and DotNetNuke but that doesn't mean that something like an Apache Foundation like org is going to be a success.
  • Personal opinion: I don't think we need another Apache Foundation like org. There is nothing that prevents .NET OSS projects from utilizing the Apache Foundation as is. In fact, I've seen Apache Foundation members post on the blogs that anyone (including .NET folks) is welcome to propose a project to Apache Foundation. Between the Apache Foundation and the less restrictive SourceForge, I guess I'm of the opinion that the resources are out there but developers have to want to write code for free (that is what I think is missing).
  • Personal observation: The major difference between the .NET community and the OSS community is that .NET developers, in general, are more interested in writing, coding, etc. for money than they are for the love of the technology. I'm not saying that there aren't folks in the .NET community that code, etc. for the love of the technology - they are the minority, however. On the other hand, I think the developers in the OSS community tend to fall in the “code for love“ bucket more often than not. I'm not saying that this observation is good or bad; it is simply what I see/hear when talking to developers.

What do you all think?