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  • Blog Post: Creating a simple “Tile” button in HTML/CSS and as an ASP.NET MVC HtmlHelper

    If you have worked with SharePoint 2013, you may have noticed a “tile” button. Something that looks like this: Normal State On mouse over (hover)      This looks good (at least to me) and I wanted to find a simple way to create such a button. I’m mainly a XAML guy, and can create...
  • Blog Post: Hello world, with Knockout JS and ASP.NET MVC 4!

    I heard about Knockout a few months ago, but never gave it a proper try – at least not with ASP.NET MVC. You’ll enjoy the ViewModel pattern if you don’t want to have any code on your View – be it JS or CS! You can have a clean markup and a separate most part of the code that might...
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