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March, 2009

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    Remote Execution and Data Collection

    As promised, I will spend a few posts talking to you about remote execution and data collection. So far I have talked about specific features related to testing in the upcoming release of the VS 2010 product. While running tests on one’s own desktop is...
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    How far are we into the “Rethinking Software Testing” series?

    I started the series on “Rethinking Software Testing” in December 2008, and in the past few months have covered several topics – Unit Testing, Load Testing, Test Planning, Manual Testing, and Coded UI. I hope you are finding this series useful and informative...
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    Coded UI Test

    In the previous post, you saw how the Manual Testing has been made really easy with Camano. As I had mentioned, when you run through a manual test case for the first time, the Microsoft Test Runner (MTR) captures your UI actions as an “action log”. You...
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