It was really exciting to see all the momentum around Mobile Development and specially around the next version of VS and NET CF. The most common questions I got at the booth was - where are the DVDs? I think the DVDs missed the 'in-the-bag' deadline so they should be coming tomorrow (3/25). I talked to a few people to determine how they will get them. It appears that the CDs will be made available during the Keynote session on Thursday.

I also heard a lot of people (specially those who had just started doing mobile development) feel confused about differences in Windows Mobile vs. PPC 2003 vs. Windows CE .NET. I'll post a blog on this when I back in office next week.

Hope everyone is having a great time at the conference. Swing by to the .NET CF and Mobile booth and talk to a number of us from the product groups who will be happy to answer your questions around Mobile development, .NET CF and Visual Studio .NET

Amit Chopra