The reason I stopped posting the first time (see how that leaves me open to a future hiatus?) was because we were holding our second Software Design Review for Indigo at the end of March.  Basically, we invited a bunch of our early adopter partners into town and showed them what we had been working on.  Unlike most SDRs, which are held in the planning phases for a product or early in the product cycle, we were showing a product on its way to shipping.  This means we were asking for smaller-scale suggestions and longer-term validation and direction, rather than overarching feedback.  It was a lot of fun—I got to meet a lot of our partners and influentials, and just had a good time talking to everyone as part of the event.  One of my favorite parts of these events is seeing what the people I’ve been emailing with look like face-to-face—it’s a lot of fun to see how wrong my imagination was.


My biggest takeaway from the SDR, though, is that we’re on the right track with Indigo.  The feedback on the product was overwhelmingly positive, and we did get some additional direction on how to prioritize our efforts.  But the focus at this point is definitely on stabilizing what we have and shipping it out the door, and now we just want to be sure we’ve got the right V1 product for our customers.