I spent a lot of April putting together a series of reviewers (my PR team insisted that I couldn’t use an apostrophe there) workshops—a daylong workshop for members of the press who review technical products.  I hit a few cities in the US with the esteemed Steve Swartz and Craig McMurtry, who were great guys to travel with, and we even took a quick visit over to the UK to catch some of our European reviewers.  Basically, we fit in as much Indigo info into a single day as possible, starting with the benefits of Indigo and how it relates to other technologies and immediately diving into particular features, even looking at the internals and extensibility points.  By the end of the day, all of our brains were very tired, but it was amazing to see the reviewers manage to remain attentive and engaged through the entire day.  My favorite part of this was definitely hanging out with my teammates and the reviewers after-hours—we got in some great dinners, and I got to see entirely different sides of the people I had been talking with all day.