I think that brings us more or less to today, and why I was trapped in Atlanta airport overnight.  The current big thing I’m working on is the Indigo User Group tour: we’re sending a couple speakers from the Web Services Strategy team on a ten-city tour across the US to spread the word about Indigo.  It’s been a bit of a challenge getting it all organized, but now we’re underway, so I’m just hoping for the best J .


The presentation, in general, covers what Indigo is, why we’re building it, and how it fits into other MS technologies.  I tried to keep it as code-focused as possible, so the speakers build a few basic apps from scratch, interspersed with some slides for context.  The goal is to communicate the fundamentals of Indigo to developers today, to get people excited about the product, and, as always, to get feedback.


Rich Turner and I kicked off the tour in Florida, where we made stops in Hollywood Beach and St. Petersburg (officially called the Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa stops, thanks to my poor grasp of geography).  You can see some pics and comments on the Ft. Lauderdale and Tampa shows at Joe Healy’s (the local developer evangelist) blog.  We had a lot of fun, although I think we were working too hard—we never even got a chance to hang out on the beach.  I was traveling with a Welshman (Rich), and as Joe said, you know we were working too hard when a Welshman in Florida wasn’t lobster-colored.  Next time, we will definitely plan for some beach and boating time.  Also, I’ll try to save Florida for the winter, rather than August.