I just wanted to also post a note about the Women and Tech Luncheon at the PDC, which grew out of an idea some of us had at lunch a few months ago.  Jennifer Ritzinger's been doing such a good job with it I haven't figured out many ways to help, despite trying.  The details are below.  I know all of the women participating, and I think the panel will be a lot of fun.  If you're at PDC, think about attending--it's open to both men and women.  (I'll also have more general PDC details soon.)

Women and Technology:  Dream, Code, Run

 Join us at the PDC in the Los Angeles Convention Center on September 13th in room 402AB at 11:45am for a panel about diversity in the IT industry.  The panel will be moderated by Esther Schindler of Ziff-Davis and will include women from Microsoft, consulting and analyst firms.     

Panelists include:

The panel is at the LACC in room 402AB from 11:45AM to 1PM on Tuesday, September 13th, and we will be providing lunch for the attendees.  

This panel will cover how women have used their intelligence and creativity to excel in the software industry.  Hear from women IT professionals who are successful in a male-dominated industry.  Learn, connect, and engage at this networking panel, where your questions drive the agenda, and hear tips and tricks on how to succeed as a woman developer or technical professional in the computer sciences and technology marketing.  Both men and women are invited to join in the conversation, and learn from each other about how to grow diversity in the IT industry.