Well, here I am in Sydney, trying to work on the talks I’m giving over the next couple days, but it’s a constant temptation to go out and discover the city.  It’s remarkably disappointing to be sent to all sorts of glamorous locations and then have no time whatsoever to actually enjoy them.  I’m doing tomorrow’s keynote at VSLive Sydney, which is also the APAC launch for VS05/SQL Server 05/BTS06, all of which were featured in this morning’s keynote.  (I found myself sitting next to David Treadwell on the SEA à LAX flight, which was very odd for me.)


Let’s see, I’ve got a long-overdue DevConnections Vegas post to write, don’t I?  My slides from those talks still aren’t cleaned up to my satisfaction, so I’m going to hold them;  I don’t know whether cleaning and scripting will happen before the holidays or not.  No matter what, I’ll find some way to post them by the next major release of WCF.  


I gave three talks at DevConnections Vegas a few weeks ago, the usual foundational lineup of “Introducing WCF”, “A Lap Around WCF”, and “Building Secure Reliable Services”.  I was part of an entire WCF track which featured a number of great speakers, like Michelle Leroux Bustamante, Christian Weyer, Juval Lowy, and Brian Noyes.  I talked with the other speakers afterward, and we agreed that they were fun talks for us to give.  We’re starting to build up WCF as conference material, so we’re expecting to see attendance and interest rising as the product gets closer to shipping.


My favorite parts of these talks was talking to attendees during the breaks.  They had great questions that made me think really hard—I definitely felt my brain frying by the end of the (back-to-back) talks.  For instance, one person asked why you had to specify the service’s binding information in the client during design time, instead of enabling the client to extract that information on-the-fly at runtime.  Well, that’s a valid pattern as well—you use the MetadataResolver class to programmatically retrieve service metadata info at runtime.


Any other comments on those talks?


Now back to prepping for these talks…