I’m finally back, after a few weeks working harder (and more) than I can remember recently, though I'm in good company--there's been a lot of hard work happening on this campus.  But now I’m pleased to announce a bunch of stuff:


-http://windowscommunication.net (aka, “how Ami spent her Christmas vacation”):  we’ve launched a community site for WCF that’s got everything you need to start building services today, including hands-on labs, whitepapers, videos from team members, sessions from recent conferences, and even a whirlwind tour through the product group.  Best of all, you can download samples contributed by members of the WCF community, and show off your own samples by sharing them with the community.  This site includes some of the things I’ve been promising, like the slides from my conference talks (on the Resources page) and an updated version of the “Hello, World” client/service (in the howto).


-WCF and WF Go Live Licenses:  I’m really excited about this.  Whenever I talk to customers, a recurring theme I hear over and over is disappointment that they’ll have to wait several more months for WCF to release before they can use it in production.  But this morning WCF and WF (Windows Workflow Foundation) have announced Go Live licenses, which allow customers to use the January Go Live releases of WCF and WF in their deployment environments. 


A couple notes about the Go Live—the WCF Go Live release includes just the WCF bits, and is only for deployment.  If you’re doing development, you should use the WinFX January CTP instead.  Also, note that the Go Lives are unsupported.


You can find more info about the Go Live program at http://msdn.microsoft.com/winfx/getthebeta/golive/default.aspx. 


-and that brings us to, of course, the WinFX January CTP.  This is a very similar release to the Nov/Dec CTPs;  no major breaking change, a few bug fixes, etc.


Whew!  And now back to regularly scheduled work, maybe with a little vacation in there :).