I then got to go on the road for the EMEA (that’s Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for those of you playing along) WinFX roadshow!  I had quick stop in London, then kicked off the tour in Rotterdam, and followed it up with a few talks in Nice.  Yes, it’s a rough life.  You can watch the kickoff show we did in Rotterdam (it’s split into two videos).  That might’ve been the most last-minute talk I’ve given lately (my co-presenter had to bow out 24 hours before the show, my laptop utterly failed 20 minutes before, etc) and we were all a little stressed, but we had a great audience and managed to have some fun (though I confess all of us were very tired after the talk).  One of the most fun things I did on the trip (well, relating to work) was talking to students at some Dutch universities.  Two very kind and very patient guys from the Microsoft Amsterdam office drove me around the Amsterdam area, chauffeuring me between talks and showing me the lovely Dutch countryside.  And the seven hours I spent sitting in traffic on that single day certainly makes it difficult to complain about traffic in the Puget Sound.