Then came Beta2, which was exciting.  I love releases, because we can finally get our latest bits in the hands of customers.  (Of course, “latest” is only in a manner of speaking – given all the stabilization work we do on the bits, there’s a significant delay between when we develop them and when we release them publicly.)  As you can imagine, this leads to all sorts of fun.


At Beta2 release (at WinHEC), when we released the Beta2 of Office, Windows Vista + WinFX, and Longhorn Server, I got to sit down with a bunch of journalists and talk to them about the technology.  It’s always intriguing to see what they’re interested, as a lot of those journalists are looking across a broad span of Microsoft technologies, and the questions they ask often reflect the questions our customers have.  I did a PressPass that captures how I think of the technology – I’d love to hear what you think.