Ah yes, the renaming of WinFX to the .NET Framework 3.0.  By now it’s been so long that the new name seems completely natural.  I think Soma’s blog post  says it all, and we really think this will be the best choice for our customers longterm.  We’re not denying there’s some short-term pain, but we’re in this developer business of the long haul.  Of course, this meant that I spent much of my time at TechEd US in Boston (ah, lovely Boston) plugged into an Ethernet port, trying to get together some information to mitigate that short-term pain.  You can find a whitepaper on .NET Framework 3.0 deployment and a Q&A about the renaming on MSDN, as well as Jason Zander’s Channel9 video explaining the change.


Aside from that TechEd was good – a little quieter this year than most, I think, and I’ve heard varying theories as to why.  We also launched the new http://netfx3.com community site, combining the existing windowscommunication.net and windowsworkflow.net sites, plus adding new functionality.  Lots of work, but well worth it.  The evangelism group manager James Conard was really the driving force behind this, so all kudos should go to him.