Orchestrator is a wonderful product to make your automation around datacenter very manageable, maintainable, and simple. Its workflow based UI allows you to quickly develop or modify the already developed workflows without being a programing or scripting expert.

We have created Orchestrator Policies to automate common Data Center Management tasks.

We have divided these tasks into following categories:

  1. Workload Management
  2. Agent Management
  3. Alert Monitoring and Notification
  4. Performing Infrastructure Conversions
  5. Reporting
  6. New User On-Boarding

All these workflows are very generic so that you can modify them easily and fit these into your engagements. These come with proper Error Handling implemented which also you can modify.

You can use the download links below to get both the Orchestrator policies and the Database script and start playing around with these policies.

Please let us know if you face any issues or if you want to know how to modify any thing as per your business requirements.

We are also eager to hear if you have any other ideas for the common tasks in Data Center Management which you want to see as automated via Orchestrator Policies.


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