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September, 2009

  • Analysis Services Team Blog

    Data Feeds

    One of the keys to self-service BI is that people need the highest quality, up-to-date data for their analysis. Many people don’t have direct access to query the databases underlying the applications that they use on a day to day basis, both because of...
  • Analysis Services Team Blog

    Importing data into Gemini

    This time around we will take a closer look at ways of getting your data into Gemini model. In particular we will into importing data using “conventional” ways. Using variety of OLEDB/ODBC/.Net client libraries. Choosing Data Source To import your...
  • Analysis Services Team Blog

    Gemini Blogs & Videos

    It’s been almost a month since we released the first CTP of Gemini and there has been a lot of activity on the newsgroups and in the blogosphere. Here are some interesting blog links… Kasper de Jonge ( ) ...
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