Sample Application Released: Analytics for Twitter

Sample Application Released: Analytics for Twitter

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This week, we released Microsoft Analytics for Twitter, an awesome PowerPivot application to query Twitter within Excel 2010 and perform ad-hoc analysis on Tweet statistics, such as time and frequency of tweets, top tweets, top tweeters, and so forth. The Microsoft Analytics for Twitter application even detects the tone score (see screenshot) based on keywords that you can customize in the workbook.


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  • Awesome!

  • Just did a quick little snapshot and I noticed - the date selection is reported incorrectly.  In the data pulled it was showing 06/13/2011 to 11/06/11. The graphs displayed the correct dates but date info the Details section was all messed up.

    Perhaps some coding needs to be tweaked?

  • @johncon   I haven't been able to repro your issue.  Can you repro your issue?  Is your system setup to use the English/US system date?   What were your search queries?

  • would it be possible to get more information about how tweets are getting programmatically loaded? It looks like a VSTO project, but I can't quite piece it together.

  • Hi Peter,

    Check out the TweetData worksheet. It'll help you understand the magic. It's hidden, so right-click on a worksheet tab at the bottom and click Unhide. You'll see a number of tables linked to PowerPivot. Want to know more? Read T.K.'s post "Linked Tables" here at our blog: I'm also considering a blog post to discuss what you can and cannot do with VSTO when it comes to PowerPivot. Stay tuned... :-)



  • @Peter. You are correct that this is a VSTO project.   "Analytics for Twitter" utilizes the Twitter Search API (i.e. to collect data which is stores in the TweetData worksheet (this is one of several hidden worksheets).  Once the data is downloaded to a worksheet  the rest of the magic is done via PowerPivot and Excel.  Hope this helps.

  • Great application!

    While the current Rel. of PowerPivot works without an itch, the CTP3 version of PowerPivot doesn't (same for Calendar Analyzer).

    Kay, when are you going to post on "what you can and cannot do with VSTO" & PowerPivot? I would love to enhance this demo, but I am not exactly fluent in VSTO, so an help would be great - maybe the actual VS solution??



  • Hi Lou108,

    It'll be at the end of the month, hopefully.



  • @Lou108.  I tested "Analytics for Twitter" this morning with the latest version of PowerPivot (released 7/12/2011) and didn't have any issues.  Send me an email if you have some specifics that you would like to share.  Thanks!

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