Submit Your Feedback on Analysis Services and PowerPivot

Submit Your Feedback on Analysis Services and PowerPivot

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Now that the Microsoft SQL Server Code Name “Denali” Evaluation edition is available for download, we are eager to hear from you. Do you like the new Business Intelligence (BI) features, such as the new professional BI developer tools? Do you find it easy to create tabular models on an Analysis Services server? What additional features would you like to suggest?  Did you discover any of those “undocumented features” generally known as software bugs? Please take the time to let us know:

  1. Go to the SQL Server Connect page at
  2. Add new feedback or comment on existing issues.

As a side note, according to Wikipedia, Thomas Edison used the term Bug in a letter as far back as 1878: “'Bugs' — as such little faults and difficulties are called—show themselves and months of intense watching, study and labor are requisite before commercial success or failure is certainly reached.” And this is what our Community Technology Preview is all about: Intense watching, study and labor to deliver the next version of SQL Server in the highest quality. Your help in this effort is very much appreciated!

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  • 1)  Power Pivot needs parameter capabilities

    2)  Power Pivot needs to allow drill down

    It's a great tool, but putting a tool like this on top of a warehouse requires the two items above.  Otherwise its not really a viable solution for data analysis in large companies.  :(

  • Hi Maria,

    Definitely good suggestions. Recommend adding this feedback to so that the right folks can follow up.

    And regarding: 'not really a viable solution for data analysis in large companies' -- Keep in mind that PowerPivot is not supposed to be a Corporate BI solution. It's an important tool that adds managed self-service capabilities to the BI picture. It's what even the biggest organizations where missing in the last decade. We see PowerPivot increasingly deployed at the largest accounts. It's the tool that gets them out of Excel hell. As you said, it's a great tool. Check out the vision and roadmap update ( to see how PowerPivot fits in. There are three important pieces for Analysis Services now with Denali: PowerPivot, BISM Tabular, and BISM Multidimensional. They all have their purpose in a larger BI strategy. It's the combination that enables you to meet the needs of your organization better than ever before.



  • Powerpivot BUG?!!

    if I import this table into the data model, the capital characters go wrong:

    VG1 account executive

    VG1 Account executive

    VG1 Account Executive

    probably has something to do with the compression?


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