JuanPablo just released an interesting cmdlet library to manage Tabular Models using PowerShell. It builds on the Tabular Model with AMO project, which JuanPablo introduced a few months ago in his blog article Creating a Tabular Model with AMO - New Version SQL 2012. So there you have it! Go to http://tabularcmdlets.codeplex.com, download the compiled DLL or the source code and manage your tabular models via PowerShell. There’s even a sample PowerShell script that demonstrates various uses. Want to create a new tabular database on an AS Server?

$datasourceOledbConnectionString = 'Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=localhost;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorksDW2012'

$connectionName = 'AdventureWorks Tabular PowerShell 2012'

Add-TabularDatabase $server $databaseName -datasourceOledbConnectionString $datasourceOledbConnectionString -connectionName $connectionName

Other than creating databases, JuanPablo’s PowerShell CmdLets enable you to create tables, relationships, columns, calculated columns, measures, and hierarchies, manage partitions, roles, users, and row-level security, and work with partitions. So, if you want to create full-featured tabular Analysis Services models on the fly, get JuanPablo’s Tabular Database PowerShell CmdLets and happy scripting!