Power View for Multidimensional Models - Preview

Power View for Multidimensional Models - Preview

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Microsoft is offering SQL Server customers the opportunity to test and provide feedback on new functionality, Power View for Multidimensional Models. Available here, you can download and try out Power View with traditional SQL Server Analysis Services multidimensional cubes. This added functionality will help you maximize your existing BI investments while utilizing the latest BI end-user tools and adds greater modeling flexibility with the BI Semantic Model. Please note, we are not disclosing timing or release vehicle for these bits, at this time.

Microsoft introduced an interactive data exploration, visualization and presentation experience called Power View with SQL Server 2012.  Power View reports are presentation-ready at all times because they are always connected to your data.  Users can quickly create a variety of visualizations, from tables and matrices to bubble charts and sets of small multiple charts. Power View operates on a BI Semantic Model that resides in Analysis Services or PowerPivot workbooks.


In SQL Server 2012 RTM/SP1, Power View can consume data from tabular models, however multidimensional models (a.k.a. “cubes”) were not supported. The Power View for Multidimensional Models CTP addresses this key limitation.  Now Power View users can connect to both tabular BI Semantic Model AND multidimensional BI Semantic Model (cubes).  This is achieved through native support for Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Analysis Services Multidimensional models, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.

Have fun playing with this CTP and please provide your feedback (issues/suggestions) via MS Connect.

Stay tuned for a deeper dive on this added functionality in the next post!



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  • Great addition, thank you!

    Please add extra details, hands-on....

  • Is there a CTP for consuming multidimensional BI Semantic Models for PowerView in Excel 2013?

  • No, at this time, there is no CTP of Excel 2013 with Power View consumption of MD models.

  • What client tools are needed for power view. How can an organization on excel 2007 take the advantage of power view

  • Do I need to uninstall my previous version of SQLServer2012 before I install this version?

  • I already have SQL 2012 installed and power view configured and working with SSAS tabular model in Sharepoint 2010.

    Do we have steps to install and use "The Power View for Multidimensional Models CTP"

  • When is the planned release date and will it be an upgrade via a service pack to existing 2012 installations?  Will PowerPivot in SharePoint also need to be upgraded?

  • "Now Power View users can connect to both tabular BI Semantic Model AND multidimensional BI Semantic Model (cubes)."

    does above mean cubes only reated in new BISM? or can we both connect to cubes and tabular model ? sorry a bit confused and need clarification, e.g. if I have updated a cube that I created in BIDS 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012SP1 will I be able to connect power view to that cube or do I need to change it be in Tabular model etc ?

    Many thanks

  • I have the same question as "AK".  My company is currently on SQL 2008R2 and don't really have any plans to upgrade to SQL 2012.  We are however planning on upgrading our Office suite to 2013 and would like to know if this CTP version of Power View will work against a SQL 2008R2 SSAS Cube.

    From what I can read about this, it seems like their might be an upgrade to the 2012 Analysis Services itself to allow the Power View connection to use DAX against the Multidimensional Model.  In that case, will there be any upgrade to the 2008R2 Analysis Services?

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